Configuration of autostart after reset to the factory settings

After reset the alarm to the factory settings autostart or engine start by key may not work.
setting of engine work control was changed
setting of additional output for autostart was changed
type of kill engine was changed
1. Try all the ways of engine work control. Possible variants: using tachometer, using generator, using battery voltage.
After choosing the right variant smoke icon should appear on the remote’s screen when engine works after check the status of alarm. Requires to insure that smoke icon appears only when engine works, i.e. there is no smoke icon when ignition is switched on. Otherwise it possible to start the engine in gear if the vehicle with manual transmission.
2. After smoke icon appears requires to insure that the engine will be started by remote. For manual transmission «program neutral» needs to be performed. If neutral is not performed and/or engine is not started by remote than need to try all the variants of work of additional output for autostart. This method of configuration should be used with caution because some vehicles don’t suffer experiments with the algorithm of ignition.
3. Change the type of kill engine from NC to NO according to manual.

All changes are made with using service button and remote according to programming table. Recommend to contact to installers to configure the autostart!