Autostart doesn’t work

Engine starts and immediately stalls after autostart (or doesn’t start), are made 4 efforts to start the engine.
original immobilizer bypass module is not installed
transponder (key) located in bypass module is not approved
car alarm is not connected to engine work control wire
install original immobilizer bypass module:
check the location of transponder (key) in bypass module
correctly connect engine work control wire and/or choose the right variant of control from programming table of your alarm.

After effort of autostart car alarm emits 4 beeps but engine doesn’t start, vehicle with manual transmission.
Reason: program neutral is not done.
Remedy: perform program neutral according to manual.
For this:
start the engine and apply handbrake
get the key out of lock (engine continues to work)
open and close the driver’s door (other doors must be closed) and arm
follow arming with simultaneously stall (closed lock and siren symbols will appear on the remote screen)

After effort of autostart system switches on the ignition and starter, displays on the remote’s screen that engine is started, but engine does’t work.
Reason: error in connection of alarm grey-black wire (control of engine work).
Remedy: connect this wire to tachometer signal or to generator’s lamp.

Autostart doesn’t work at low temperatures and/or works only after engine warms up
bad contacts in alarm power circuit
insufficient condition of the battery
not all circuits of ignition and starter are connected (there may be several circuits)
transponder signal in immobilizer bypass module is read bad
connect alarm directly to the battery using wires not less than 6mm2
replace the battery to new
correctly connect the alarm to ignition lock, i.e. alarm connection must accurately simulate the ignition
increase the number or turns in the coil of immobilizer bypass module

There is no engine start by it’s temperature, temperature sensor is installed
sensor is connected not correctly
sensor is defective
engine start by temperature is not chosen on the remote’s screen
connect sensor correctly according to the manual
change the sensor to good
choose engine start by temperature on the remote’s screen

After effort of autostart vehicle’s direction indicators flash 3 times and engine doesn’t start
insufficient condition of the battery
bad contact at the connection of alarm power wires
small size of original wires connected to alarm power wires
replace the battery to new
check power circuits of alarm (+12V and ground).
Recommend to connect black and red alarm wires to the battery using wires not less 6mm2. Recommend to use solder to connect the wires.

Alarm is not armed with the implementation of the program neutral (all doors are closed)
alarm is connected to dome light and doesn’t detect door open and/or closed
fault of door pin
connect the alarm to doors pins
check the pin’s operability at the service station and replace it if necessary.

Is not armed after the implementation of the program neutral
If you perform these steps:
apply handbrake and switch off the ignition (engine is working)
open and close the door
and alarm closes central lock and engine doesn’t stall the reason is that alarm doesn’t detect door open.
Recommend you to contact to installers to check the doors pins and to connect the alarm to the doors pins.

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