The device does not respond to SMS

David Boillos 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 15

I have deleted the device from starline.online. for error before the instalation. 
And now the unit does not respond to sms 00581 or any SMS

Conection with server is OK. (in diagnosis tab)
The SIM CARD can send SMS perfectly, no limitations
The device call me when the alarm is trigger
The device send me wellcome SMS, etc ...

but it never responds to other SMS, 00581, 00581 #, PINCOCE ... nothing


please send sms wth text


4 letters and question symbol. without spaces

forward its reply to us.

Nothing. No response

I attach an image of the diagnosis tab

Did you set you phone number as M1 (owner) number?

Please downlad a LOG file with settings and attach it here.

yes, I have tried with M1 configured, not configured, invited number, ... all posible combinations  ....  sending the key that I have assigned 0000 (Example: 0000 00581, 0000 000581 #, 0000 PINCODE, PINCODE, PINCODE #, etc ...)

Yesterday I downloaded a log file. If it does not work, I download another


Once you download a LOG, it erases all history in StarLine unit. 

You sent us not the first file. It contains only 3 minutes of system operations.

Please, send some sms messages to the system again, and download a new LOG file.


The issiu is with your sim card.

You set +34********711 as M1. 

When you send sms to StarLine:

02.08.2021 12-43-06: Received SMS from: 605649711
02.08.2021 12-43-06: SMS-txt: 00581
02.08.2021 12-43-06: Unknown phone number.

Starline will answer to sms from M1. In this case M1 is not the same as in sms.

Set 605649..... as M1 at Telematics tab of StarLine Master and try to get pin code again.

Please, delete my telephone number, please.

That's impossible. The application Starline Master does not allow numbers that do not start with +

In this case I reccomend you to set another phone as M1. Need the same M1 owner and the sms sender number.

Can you restore my device manually in the starline.online database?

This is a difficult situation for me. It will be very difficult that an operator to send +34 ... 

Is there another way to get the PIN? A call, for example?

How can I open the log file? Charset? UTF-8? ISO-XXX? Any recommended application?

I have tried to open it with notepad ++ and I cannot open it properly


Solved!! , Thank you for all