S96 Feature request

Hello support team,

I would like to ask you to develop for an updated function of the "central lock on trip" feature as i believe it will be very functional for the everyday driving.Right now when you activate the "central lock on trip function" to auto lock the car after a defined speed threshhold set, the system locks the car the first time when you have turned the ignition switch on but when you stop the car without turning off the ignition switch and you unlock the car from the car's button in order the co-driver to get out then the doors get unlocked but when you continue the driving then the system doesnt auto lock the car. In a nutshel, the system auto locks the car on trip just for one time and then it doeant check again the car's lock status in order to relock it again.

My system is the S96 installed on a Ford Fiesta MK7 1.6 Ti-VCT 2009. My systems firmware is: 2.24.2


It is possible to modify algorithms using Flexible Logic.

Please contact to your installer.