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Hello support. recently i installed the S96 alarm system to my Ford Fiesta MK7 TiVCT 2009 model. I face the following issues that i would like to have your guidance what to do to resolve. Also i have some questions about some system functions. For your info i am using the StarLine 2 android app and the system's firmware version is: 2.24.2

1) Ford's central lock unlock function works with the following way. When you unlock the car from ford key fob then the central ceiling light, dashboard lighting, external front back lights and back plate light turn on. After a few seconds all external lights turn off but the central ceiling light and dashboard remain turned on. When you lock the car with the key fob then the central ceiling light and the dashboard lighting are turned off immediately.

I face the following issue. When i am outside the driver's door and use the car's key fob to unlock/disarm the alarm then: the car unlocks as the standard ford sequence i described at the begging of this message and the alarm disarms. Then, without doing any other action (open the door) the car doesn't re-lock/re-arm after 30 seconds instead, after 60 seconds the car locks and the alarm doesn't arm. Also, the car's light sequence is not followed. Instead, the only lights that turn on are the central ceiling which is turned off after a few seconds, the dashboard lighting but not the external lights.

If i unlock the car with the tag and do nothing after that then the car doesn't auto relock / re-arm. Also, if i manually lock / re-arm the car with the tag then the original car sequence is not followed. That is, the doors lock, the alarm arms but the dashboard lighting doesn't turn off.

Please advise what to to to solve this issue. I prefer to use the keyfob to achieve the auto relock function.

2) Having the tag hidden in a faraday case when i unlock the car with the keyfob then the car unlocks and the alarm gets disarmed where it should trigger the alarm after 10 seconds.

Please advise what to to solve this issue.

3) The Anti-hijack function doesn't work properly. For example, with having the tag hidden in a faraday case at first attempt when i unlock the car, disarm the alarm successfully and start the car then the anti-hijack function works as it should. If i try this for the second, third time and so on then the anti-hijack doesn't work. 

Please advise what to solve this issue.

4) If i enable the anti-hijack from the android app by hitting the "Anti-Hijack mode control" what is the normal action is taken by the system? Should it trigger the anti-hijack to start the alarm and engine block or it just enables the anti-hijack function in stand by mode? In my case when i use this button it immediately starts the alarm and blocks the engine. 

five) When i have enabled the "Central Lock Control" in the app having it configured to lock the car when it overpasses the 15klm/h and to unlock when the ignition switch is turned off then although the function works in both lock unlock conditions but when locked if i unlock the car from the car's lock unlock button then the car doesn't auto relock if pass the speed threshold. It seems like the system doesn't check the car unlock status after being triggered once. Is this normal or there is a extra system malfunction that i have to resolve? Please advise.

6) The Tilt and Shock sensors don't seem to work. I have configured them in the app to be as sensitive as possible but there is no warning or alarm when i hit or tilt the car. 

Please advise what to solve this issue.

In anticipation of your feedback i remain at your dissposal.

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