Instaling S96


Eu have instalated on my car, audi A6 C6 4F2 alarm s96, but i want technical support to instal last part of this alarm to can start engine from the phone. I dont was happy whit technician what instal my last alarm an i want to do this my self. I am electrician and i can do my self. take long time to go back to my country. Already i have all the pieces neccesary.

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StarLine is a complicated system. We srongly reccomend to vizit our partners for installation: https://www.alarmstarline.com/distribution/

Hi .

I understand is a complicated system but I want to this my self. I don't want any more damage on my car . 

I  tell you. I don't was happy last time. 

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Dear Octavian

Well, connection diagram is always published here: https://www.alarmstarline.com/starline-s9-series/

There is no any secret in it.

But i do not think that you will be able to perform remote start

on your Audi yourself.

I'm afraid you do not understand the quest at the moment.

Your car had very complicated ignition barrel structure and engine

control wiring.

Even latest models have easier configuration of these modules.

It's very hard to do it without deep experience in car electronics

and training to StarLine systems configuration.

I'm sure that was the reason why it was not implemented while your

initial installation in Romania.

And we definitely cannot lead you remotely through such project.

Recommend you apply with it to our very good authorized

StarLine installer in Madrid:

Auto Sonido Huanjo

Tel. +34 916 52 97 85



But, to be honest, i cannot guarantee that it can be easily and

quickly done there even.

And you will need to hide a spare factory key transponder inside

to bypass the factory immobilizer during remote start.

The choice is yours for sure.