Nissan Patrol

Khaled Almarar 1 year ago updated by Петр Довгань 1 year ago 3

Hi guy really hard to say it but , i used you use toyota telematic ita has leaa function but over all experience butter in many way main issue i having lock of support even if i have to reset my password to use new phone its so completed and take for ever , some function i hope star line improve over all experience and to support customer in GCC such uae ksa ... Am sorry to be hard on starline but even small support in the up telling the support through the chat  my email registered am not able to get the otp you know what the reply? After one day he says check with the person who did the insulation and full stop.? And many many .....


Its hard to understand what do you write Sir.

Can you tell where you have bought and installed StarLine system? And who you contacted for support with your issues?