Agm 12v battery

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is there any benefit from upgrading a manufacture installed EFB 12v battery with Bosch branded AGM battery (all Same Specs)?

current battery is brand new on new vehicle but bots drop over a week to such a point won't crank 

nissan advising it's after market equipment but been advised otherwise and thinking maybe battery not suitable?

many Thanks 


Power consumption may depend on: a) fitted main unit hardware b) connections made, incl. external relays installed c) factory electronic units wrong operation...

I.e. power input connection to a wrong power wires may lead to a full car electronics not getting asleep and therefore much higher consumption. Some low qualified fitters do not understand it at all and just make it in easiest way.

So above advice is the only right one.

Hello, are you asking about the equipment of the StarLine brand?

hi yes it’s Starline s96

iv ordered dc clamp meter and will try identify which fuse parasitic drain but alarm is only addition from new it’s 6 months old 


Iv left few days and see what happened 

yes system installed by approved Starline installer mate 

within 7 days battery dropped to 11v and wouldn’t crank again 

RAC vehicle recovery attended and tested battery - all ok his diagnostic just battery drained but within 7 days?

vehicle is once again booked into Nissan for diagnostic on 3rd jan

Vehicle is 6 months old and has had battery replaced at Nissan bout 8 weeks ago 

drove vehicle yesterday over 100 miles and app now reporting voltage has already dropped 12.4v and weather conditions about 8 degrees so not cold 

will see what Nissan say again 

All participants here are trying to tell that consumption highly depends on connections and settings been made. 

In case of its related to alarm system. But it may be caused by other circuits and parts. And its impossible to determine it remotely. So any new battery you replace will drain again. 

S96 average rated consumption is around 15 mA. So in normal practice it can last up to 30 days and more. But its not an exact instant rate and may increase periodically at GSM & GPS start / update. Especially right after engine stop and arm.

So you have to contact your fitter to measure consumption, find the parasitic circuit (there are some simple methods for that exist) and check connections if its related to alarm unit. 

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