A93 can lin gsm English user manual

Nozoppa 3 years ago updated by Антон Ламзин 3 years ago 11

can anyone help me to find an English usermanual for the A93 can lin gsm eco slave? Thank


Good afternoon.

We don't have the manuals in English.

Recommend to translate the manual from Russian into English by myself.

When i open the car via the remote control (alarm off) the car locks itself after one minute again with alarm on. How to switch this function off

Your alarm system has an active function of Slave?
When you include regular security, does security StarLine?

On the box it says starline can+lin gsm eco slave. I bought a remote lcd separate.

Its also connected to my mobile phones and laptop

To turn on and off you use the means of car or keychain StarLine?

I tried the starline key chain and the car keychain. All same result. It opens and after a minute it closes again

Please make a video and place here, where we can become familiar with your situation.

This situation will occur when, after disarming will not open the car door.

If you want to opt out of this, you need to install version 3 as a function 5 in the first programming table.

Ok thank you for helping. i will try it, but it is in Russian language. Is there no link in english or other language