Hyundai Kona, 2019 - 2022, PTS button, Electric

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Will the i96CAN ECO be able to lock the vehicle without connecting additional relays?:

Block engine start (iCAN)

Stop running engine (iCAN)

or something else

Hyundai Kona Electric 2019 64 kWh 204KM 150kW




Engine blocking by CAN is not declared for this car. i96 will need additional analogue wires connection for this function.  Please, contact to your StarLine deater for more information.

Thank You for quick answer. What can be blocked with an analog relay in an electric car?

The distributor has a problem with that. I am asking for an idea.

The dealer was there, but I think they introduced sanctions and I haven't had any contact with them for two weeks. Generally, I stayed with the new i96CAN ECO device, I connected it to CAN-A and I can see messages such as "Brake was pressed" or "Engine turned on" in the log ...

but as it turns out, the device cannot block the car without an additional relay.

Generally, I am an electronics engineer, so I just need a hint on what is the best way to connect the relay in an electric car so that the car does not drive away. It's a simple matter in a gasoline car, but here I have no idea and I don't see any hints on the internet.

We can't make an installaion or cut any wire remotely. All connections is a task for a qualified engineer. We recommend to visit a workshop to provide installation with all necessary functions.

Any analogue engine blocking methods are only under qualified car technician task and responsibility. Because he must carefully test it and provide a guarantee that it will safely block or shut down engine and will not lead to any faulty and DTC errors. The right security system developer never give such hints and never test it. And especially never publish even they know it.

They may only test and offer those "lazy options" of digital iblocking via CAN/LIN bus, but only as a supplementary anti-theft method. 

In every vehicle there is variety of possible circuits, that can be more or less safely cut to block starter or stop engine effectively. 

It's been always a subject of qualified installers "know-how" to know such methods for every particular car and never be disclosed and shared.

The fact that you're electronics engineer does not assume that you have any knowledge and practice in the modern cars electronics, especially highly complicated EVs.

The content of your question proves that.