Not show started car on keychain

Mikdad 7 years ago updated by Антон Я 7 years ago 5

When start engine with remote, on keychain not show that car is started,and again try to start car with starter on already started car, how to fix that? Thanks

Good afternoon.

Attach the photo of your remote from the battery side (without battery and cover).

I dont know how to update picture here, i have starline A92 dialog. One change, remote starting car engine but on keyboard not show icon for started car and turned off engine after 2-3 seconds, i reset to factory and it working few times,but when select running time on disabled(r99), that hapen, runing engine but not show on keychain icon and turned off, also when turn on engine with key on keychain not show started car, just ignition on.thanks

I want to see yours remote from the back (without battery and cover). Without this photo, consultation is impossible.
Example of photo:


Your system is counterfeit.
Advice on such systems are not produced.