Compatible of remotes and transceivers

Compatible of remotes.
Now is possible to register the remotes:
interchangeable with each other remotes E60, B64, D64
interchangeable with each other remotes E90, B94, D94
StarLine A2 to StarLine A4 and conversely (one-way and two-way remotes). StarLine A2, A4 and 24V (one-way remotes!)
StarLine B6 to StarLine B9 and conversely (one-way remotes only!)
Old versions one-way remotes series B (black LCD remote and main unit) to new versions (blue LCD remote and unit) and conversely.
Remotes StarLine B6 Dialog to StarLine A61 and conversely, StarLine B9 Dialog to StarLine A91 and conversely.

Compatible of transceivers.
StarLine A2, A4 and 24V (without call button)
StarLine A6, A8, A9, B6, B9
StarLine C4, C6, C9
StarLine B6 Dialog, StarLine B9 Dialog, StarLine A61, StarLine A91
StarLine A62, A92, B62, B92
fourth generation (E60, E90, A64, … D94)

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